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How we can help you

Logistics handling support

Projects involving meetings often require significant resources to handle all the logistical elements. APL can take on logistics management as a package, enabling you to focus on the strategic aspects of a meeting.

Consider sub-contracting all your logistics handling to us. We offer a complete service, including venue sourcing and liaison, delegate management and on-site support. We have developed in-house systems and procedures that save time and increase efficiency for meetings of all sizes and types, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of using APL include:

• A seamless service for your clients - APL will work as part of your in-house team
• Bespoke meetings management database
  - ensures data integrity
  - increases efficiency - reducing resources required
  - enables automatic document generation
• Customisable web-based delegate registration and management system (for larger meetings)
  - encourages recruitment
  - improves data quality
  - provides a document library for the meeting
  - enables remote client access to review meeting progress
• A wealth of experience of all sizes and types of meeting
• Very competitive rates